Libraries need filter options

You just purchased a three-day trial membership to a premiere adult Web site. You enter the site and you are immediately transformed to a kid in an eye-candy store and lose track of all space and time around you.

The next day you wake up a few hours earlier than usual. You bypass the usual breakfast and hygienic functions and go straight to the computer.

But when you get to your beloved computer, you find that it has crashed and since you probably do not have any real friends, you have nowhere to turn.

What do you do?

You go to the nearest library and use the computers to enjoy your porn there, right? Wrong!

Libraries are trying to block all pornographic Web sites on their computers.

The library should be a place where you are allowed to research any topic you desire, even if it happens to be pornographically related.

To prevent underage individuals from viewing such materials, there should be a special section for adults where identification would be required for entry.

Whether it is high-quality porn or just pure barnyard smut, adults have the right to enjoy Internet pornography. And those unfortunate ones whose only access to a computer is through their library, should not be denied this right.

I come from a relatively long and prestigious line of porn stars, and I plan on carrying on this highly respected family tradition.

The porn industry is currently in its most profitable state because of the rapid growth of the Internet and the popularity of Internet porn. However, by denying those that rely on libraries to use the internet, the right to view pornographic materials, you adversly affect the profits of the Internet porn industry.

I believe libraries should allow adults to view anything they wish on the Internet as long as extra measures are made to keep underage patrons from accessing such materials.

Dick Daly, 21, is a graphic design student from Fort Lauderdale. He can be reached at