Mr. FAMU Candidates

Mr. FAMU is a spokesperson for the university. He participates in various social, educational and community-related functions. The most noticeable responsibility of Mr. FAMU is to represent the student body at all football games and convocations.

When homecoming rolls around, he and Miss FAMU can be seen representing the student body at the parade and the football game. Most importantly, he helps the incoming freshmen make a smoother transition into the college environment.

In the past, Mr. FAMU helped with the recruitment of perspective students by traveling around the country and giving speeches to encourage students to come to FAMU.

According to Mr. FAMU Marion Slaton, 21, a business administration student from Atlanta, Mr. FAMU speaks to the students at the Total Orientation Program for Students and holds seminars with them in order to make them feel more at ease.

Anthony Mincey, 20, a junior public relations student from Jacksonville, and Theodore Goyins, 20, a third-year business administration student from Boorhes, N.J. are the Mr. FAMU candidates for the 2003-2004 elections.

Mincey says the main responsibilities for Mr. FAMU are to recruit and unify students and to help them be academically competitive with other historically black colleges and universities.

“My goal is to unify and cultivate the image of the Rattler man,” Mincey said.

Some students say that Mr. FAMU should be more than just an image. Instead, he should be knowledgeable of the student body and the university as his main concern.

“I think Mr. FAMU should be academically sound,” said Reginald Brown, a junior biology student from Altamonte Springs. “He should participate in community service and…possess high morals.”

As Marion Slaton said, “The position isn’t about smiling and waving, but representing an all-round Rattler.”

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