Ayinde Madzimoyo and Jehiel Oliver, candidates for SGA president and vice president, said they “overstand” the issues that concern students and minorities.

“Overstand rather than understand,” said Madzimoyo, 20, a junior black psychology student from Atlanta. “We’re trying to overcome the issues that plague us as students and black people.”

Madzimoyo and Oliver, a junior economics student from Cleveland are focused on bringing black businesses and the university closer together to support one another.

Their platform includes entrepreneurship workshops that will “give students practical knowledge of business and institution building,” as stated in their platform.

Minority Link, based out of Cleveland and founded by Oliver, is designed to encourage and maintain a relationship between black businesses and the community. It has a database of black-owned businesses that the team plans to link to the university.

Oliver, 20, said the team is also passionate about student issues, including safety and health, financial aid and artistic and cultural expression.

“Whatever the issue is we’re going to be on the Set on Fridays,” Oliver said.

If the students have issues with the living facilities around campus the United Platform will address the issues and solve the problems.

“I use to live in Paddy Foote, so I know,” Oliver said. “We want to provide answers to all the students questions.”

“We are going to represent the students the way they need to be represented. Not in a laid back approach, but a proactive, at the same time we are going to be driving but they are going to tell us where to go.”

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