Legislative Branch

Senators in the SGA’s legislative branch have to deal with everything from writing bills to balancing the student activities budget.

“Many senators are political science and business majors, but that is not a requirement to work with the senate,” said Erin Barnes, 21, chairwoman of the senate’s Elections and Appropriations Committee.

Barnes said senators with good work ethics-as opposed to those in SGA for self-promoting reasons such as social status or resume enhancement-are easily identified.

“By people’s work ethics you can tell who is here to be a senator and make a difference,” said Barnes, the occupational therapy student from Atlanta.

Senators from years past still have work that is still being used by the senate today. In 1971, the first student senate wrote the handbook that is currently in use. It is filled with information about how to write bills, conduct meetings and dress professionally.

Jasmine Rock, 21, chairwoman of the Organization and Finance Committee, said the senate’s many responsibilities include managing the budget.

“We are responsible for the allocation of those funds to small businesses and organizations,” said the senior business student from Chicago.

Barnes said being a good senator requires the right “attitude.”

“The senate looks for a specific type of attitude,” Barnes said.

“We don’t get paid much, so money is not an incentive. In fact, most candidates don’t even know we get paid until after they have been confirmed.”

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