SGA president and vice presidential candidates Malcolm Glover and Xaviera Estes are focused on “excellence in service, activities, partnership and leadership.”

“We truly believe that we were placed here as a wake-up call,” said Glover, 20, sophomore broadcast journalism student from Bowie, Md.

Estes said their commitment to each other and to students set them apart from other presidential and vice presidential candidates.

“We have experience as a team and leadership as a team,” said the 21-year-old junior biology pre-medicine student from Houston. “We are definitely best friends.”

Glover and Estes both have active roles in FAMU College Democrats, Student Think Tank and Unlimited Possibilities Inc.

“We both realize that it’s not about us, its about those who are coming after us,” Estes said.” We have to take the chance to reach up and grab any opportunity.”

Glover said he and Estes “want to make a difference and want FAMU as a whole to be bettered.”

“We want to institute a Student Task Force composed of all majors that will assess problems and provide solutions that will be addressed by the SGA,” Estes said. “This way, SGA will be more representative of all majors.”

Other initiatives include renegotiating the food contract to include outside food vendors and launching a series of cultural, social and musical entertainment for students by using the smaller clubs and organizations.

Glover and Estes both feel their sole objective is to provide “accurate student representation.”

“It’s time for a change,” Glover said. “Students will be able to realize that by voting for us, change will come and that the best is yet to come,” he said.

“They will finally have student leaders that will exemplify excellence by any means necessary.”

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