What’s in Cognito?

The crowd is hype and Cognito is ready to give them a preview of what is yet to come. He brings his all to a packed house at Chubby’s nightclub on Friday.

He brought to the stage a sound typical of Miami rappers, yet still reminiscent of laid back Southern sound.

After performing songs from his debut album, Tru Cognizance on Poe Boy Entertainment and Ruff Life Records, he heads off stage showing love to friends, business partners and fans.

He looks like your average Joe and sports a baseball cap, a crisp white t-shirt and blue jeans. He smiles and tells jokes as if he has no worries. Maybe he doesn’t. Cognito’s journey in the music industry is far from its beginning; it began at the tender age of 16.

“I first started playing the keyboard which inspired me to get into the music industry. I started playing the piano at age 16 and taught myself how to read and write music,” the 26-year-old Miami native said.

Cognito spent the early part of his career making music instead of rapping. He was a producer for local talent. He wanted to help people in the neighborhood. Eventually, he realized that only his voice could do his music justice.

“I got tired of dropping beats for people who couldn’t rap,” said the rapper whose name comes from the opposite of ‘incognito” because he believes he stands out. “It put my back against the wall and it made me want to rap.”

Inspired by rap legend Notorious B.I.G., Cognito feels he is bringing the early sound of rap back to fans.

“I am bringing back to the industry that familiar sound of the early 90’s, that early street vibe, from rappers like 2pac and Biggie. It reminds you of having fun and just ballin’ at the club,” said Cognito, who currently writes and produces his own songs.

When asked how he feels, he said he knows he will succeed, even in an industry that brings out new talent everyday.

“I’m rappin’ because I have a lot to say. I think people need to hear it and when they hear it they will digest it…I am doing it for the love of hip-hop.”

Kanya Simon can be reached at kanyasimon@aol.com