Pound-for-pound, Jones dominates

Speaking on statistics alone, Roy Jones Jr. is clearly the best pound-for-pound boxer in the ring. The light heavyweight champion has dominated his weight class with ease and carries a record of 45-1, a record only legends have. As a matter of fact, his record should be spotless, but he was hosed with a disqualification that was masterfully avenged.

At 173 pounds, his hand speed is matched by none. He has proven he can score a quick knockout and also stand 12 rounds in a slugfest. He is the complete package and he’ll establish the truth against John Ruiz on March 1st. Looking at his record, you may think he is just lucky. Not Jones! The man is a monster. He is a showman in and out of the ring.

No boxer in the game deserves to wear the pound-for-pound crown other than Jones; not Lennox Lewis, not Mike Tyson, not Oscar De La Hoya, no one. Jones has placed himself in the driver’s seat to become one of the greatest- I did say ‘greatest’- boxers of all time.

Lewis lost his belt to a bum who? and has found himself being scraped off the canvas several times. Tyson is not the same Tyson he was back in the day, and everyone else is either punch drunk (ask Evander Holyfield) or sitting in a bar getting drunk and watching Jones (ask the 45 losers he’s given black eyes).

That’s it, case closed, cancel Christmas, call in the kids, bring in the dog, turn out the lights and unplug the phone. No one is home except the undisputed champion of the woooorld! Roy Jones, Jr.