Fuel prices still skyrocketing

As gas prices nationwide continue to increase almost daily, drivers are forced to scramble for money to compensate.

According to the American Automobile Association, U.S. pump prices for regular gasoline average $1.662 per gallon.

This is up 19.5 cents from last month.

This jump in prices is completely unjustified.

There is no shortage of crude oil. Companies are merely indulging themselves in gasoline to prepare for the pending war.

That way they will have enough to sustain business.

So while they fill their reserves to the top, drivers must suffer.

If companies continue to raise prices, motorists will avoid driving and ride taxis or subways.

Then the “oh-so-needed” gas will be left sitting in the reserves.

Gasoline companies should seriously consider who they are affecting before they raise prices another penny.

For those that drive for a living, these outrageous prices are hurting business extremely.

Here in Florida, where gas is the 10th highest in the nation, florists, pizza deliverers and taxi cab drivers are all feeling their wallets get lighter, but cannot avoid the plight.

The Venezuelan strike, has indeed forced U.S. refiners to find alternative suppliers.

However, the strike is not enough to offset the skyrocketing costs.

Citizens can take action to prevent the gasoline industry from completely gouging prices.

Make sure tires are well-inflated and avoid buying premium gas unless driving a high-quality automobile.

In worst case scenarios, call the Department of Energy at 1-800-244-3301 to report over-inflated costs.

Dominique Drake for The Famuan