Candidates prepare for SGA election

Get ready for the eye-catching posters and fliers, t-shirts and buttons, free food and candy.

It’s election time and the official list of candidates is finally out.

According to a list from the Office of Student Activities, 67 students are running for the various SGA positions. Students will vote on March 4. A subsequent run-off election for seats that were not won by a majority of 50 percent plus one vote will take place on March 6.

Available spots range from SGA president and vice president to Mr. and Miss FAMU.

SGA President Andre Hammel, said he is pleased to see the number of candidates.

“I am glad to see that there is such a strong interest for these positions,” said the 21-year-old senior political science student from Mitchellville, Md. “I hope and pray that they understand the gravity of these positions as it relates to the future of FAMU,” he said.

“I wish the best for each individual and hope they have the best interest in mind for our university.”

Some candidates expressed their views for the future of FAMU.

SGA vice presidential candidate Virgil Miller said they plan to focus on empowering and uplifting students, faculty, staff and administration.

“I’ve always said and believed that you don’t have the right to complain unless you are willing to do something about it,” said Miller, a 21-year-old senior biology/premed student from West Palm Beach. “I’ve heard complaints from students and friends, and even have a few of my own. I feel this position would give me a perfect opportunity to focus on the interests of students and address issues that concern the student body.” 40

Malcolm Glover, who is running for SGA president, also touched on future plans for the university, which include excellence in service, activities and leadership.

“I felt there was a need for accurate student representation and caring leadership,” said the 20-year-old sophomore broadcast journalism student from Bowie, Md. “After praying on it, I realized that it was time (for me to run). Sometimes, you just have to take a stand for what you believe, no matter where you are in life.” 20

“Our platform is wide ranging and has different thrusts, not just a hodge-podge of meaningless pleasantries.”

Other candidates shared their views as well, saying they want to boost pride and love for FAMU.

“I want to see more of a collective FAMU spirit,” said Shenena Armstrong, a 20-year-old junior from Flint, Mich. and Queen of Orange and Green candidate. “I’ve noticed that there are always the same sections that are always excited at the games. Overall, we need more participation from students. You need someone who has a love for FAMU and has the overall persona for the position.”

Miss FAMU candidate Ashia Everett wants to give Miss FAMU a new face, but in a different way.

“As Royal Court Adviser, I was able to see the dark side of the Royal Court and how it wasn’t as glamorous as it seemed,” said the 20-year-old junior business administration student from Tallahassee. “It’s more to Miss FAMU than a pretty face and pretty wave. I want to take emphasis off of the pageantry aspect, and add more substance and service.”

With “D” day a little more than a week away, some students already know what they are looking for in prospective student leaders.

“I mainly want to see people who are willing to work,” said Kenyetta Harrison, 19, a freshmen elementary education student from Miami. “It’s okay to wear the title, but we need people who are going to be there for students. We don’t need anyone who will sit in office and take up space, but one who will actually do something.”

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