Alumna publishes poetry that leaves ‘Impressions’

Not only did Tracey Jackson graduate with the skills necessary to make it in the field of computer information systems last spring, but she also graduated with the desire to publish a book, hoping to open the doors for other FAMU students that plan to pursue their dreams.

“Impressions,” Jackson’s debut into the world of poetry, is a soulful and thought-provoking collection of poems that could melt any heart.

The book was first released in February 2002. The metaphors and adjectives invite readers on a journey into a world where self-acceptance is truth and love is necessary.

In “Mood Variations” Jackson tells poetic stories of strength, courage, faith, hope, love and recognizing the feelings of the soul.

Vibrations of the mind when love is manifested, How many minutes within time can love be wrapped around me.

Jackson has eloquently taken everyday words and turned them into a gentle escape from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. This is made evident in “Black Man In”:

Black man leaping over barriers made of color lines from ‘Jim Crow’ times and ‘Blacks enter here’ signs in the back of five and dimes…And that black pride with those black eyes on that black prize.

For those looking for a fresh and easy read, this poetry collection should not be overlooked. Jackson’s “Impressions” goes against the grain and brings forth what many authors seem to forget, simplicity and purity.

It is rare that a book lives up to its name and Impressions does just that-leaves an impression.

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