Extravaganza celebrates 100 days in office

The Presidential Ambassadors, along with other campus and local organizations, will honor President Fred Gainous during the first Gospel Extravaganza.

The Extravaganza will be held at 7 p.m. in Lee Hall. The celebration honors the president’s first 100 days in office. Tickets are free and will be available all day in the ticket booth.

Students will have an opportunity to experience a gospel concert on campus and celebrate the role gospel music has played in black history.

“We are congratulating the president on his first term, but we also want to bring gospel back to campus,” said Brandi Tatum, a presidential ambassador and event co-chair.

“The Gospel Extravaganza is important because gospel itself is something that is instilled in our culture.”

Some of the groups scheduled to perform are Essence Dance Troupe, Mahagony Dance Theatre, Epicurean Fashion Experience, Holy Light Baptist Church Choir, Greater Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church Choir and the FAMU Gospel Choir.

Participants in the event will use their talent to honor the president.

“Dr. Gainous has told me he loves to hear me sing and this is my opportunity to pay him back,” said Pate, 20, a junior psychology/music student from Memphis.

“He is always visible to the student body and the extravaganza allows the students to show him that everything he does is not in vain.”

Marcus Sandifer, who will be performing a sign language interpretation of a gospel song, believes it is important for students to get the true message of the event.

“Gospel music touches people,” said Sandifer, 20, a junior business administration student from Ft. Pierce.

“Sometimes that’s the only way people get to know God.”

The participants encourage students to support the Gospel Extravaganza even if they are not familiar with the changes Gainous has made.

Students should come out to see and hear what Gainous has done.

“He’s actually following through with what he has said he will do,” said Brandi Tatum, presidential ambassador and event co-chair.

“He doesn’t just make promises.”

Farrah Hudson can be reached hudsonfarrah@yahoo.com.