Weigh options when looking for partner

Like so many other things in life, love is a choice made, not a choice forced. Some people believe in love at first sight, while others contend you have to know the person inside and out before falling in love. How are we ever to decide?

For those who are love challenged or are seeking love in all the wrong places, there are the so-called experts to consult. There are doctors for this and specialists for that. I’m sure there is a Love for Dummies book out there somewhere. Since there is no substitute for experience, it is probably best to go through some love experiences to find the definition for yourself.

There are all kinds of experiences you can go through that will show you what love is or isn’t. There is physical love, mental love, spiritual love and etc.

When it comes to physical love it’s more of a lust thing. You love the person your sleep with. It’s not based on that person’s personality or how well two people connect emotionally. It’s just based on sex. There is nothing particularly wrong with that.

Mental love is more of an old, traditional getting to know that other person and developing “true” feeling for that person. The two have similar interest and likes. The attraction runs deeper then lust. This can also fall under spiritual love because two people are connecting with one another and developing a deep, emotional bond.

There are many options in choosing how or when to fall in love. It’s like one big circus. You just have to figure out what acts are a joke and what acts are real.

Del’leon McGlone, 23, is a public relations student from West Philadelphia Pa. He can be reached at Theleague_inc@hotmail.com.