Love should be expressed, not quelled

Today is the official day o’ love expression. And I can bet you that 99.98 percent of guys have not told one of the most important people in their lives that they love them.

That person is their best friend. So, if almost any guy was asked whether or not he would die for his best friend, you’d hear something like this: “My boy, yeah, I’d die for him. For sho’!”

If you asked a guy whether or not he told his best friend that he loves him, the response would probably be: “Have I told him that I love him? What?”

Maybe it’s something that I can’t see, but how can you be willing to give your life for someone but not be able to say that you love him? If you can honestly say that you’d give up your most precious gift, your life, then that means that there is some deep, heartfelt emotion toward the person.

Anyone who has two brain cells to rub together understands this emotion is love. This love needs to be expressed, not repressed.

I could easily chalk the lack of expression up to: that’s the way guys are. I can even concede that men aren’t supposed to express themselves in that particular manner. But honestly, have you ever questioned why it’s not right for guys to emote and be honest about the range of emotions that they experience?

Never mind, I retract that statement. We are permitted to express anger, hatred, happiness and excitement over a small percentage of things. No offense to you if you can honestly say that you only experience anger, hatred, happiness and limited excitement. But I know that I’m a bit more complex than that.

I’m sorry, but it makes absolutely no sense to allow ourselves to be limited in the way we express our emotions-especially to our best friends.

These are people who accept us even with our flaws. They care about how we feel beyond the limited emotions that men are permitted to feel.

You must realize that it does not make you any less of a man to express your emotions. It’s time to be real with yourself and with your best friend.

If you never saw your best friend again, would he know how you feel about him? Are you confident enough that your actions speak louder than your words ever could?

It’s time to drop the macho crap and be honest with one of the most important people in your life before it’s too late.

You need to realize that there’s nothing wrong with expressing love for your boy.

Jason Hutchins, 18, is a freshman business student from Athens, Ga. He is The Famuan Page Designer and men’s issues columnist. He can be reached at