Scholarships boost enrollment

The National Alumni Association Inc. is seeking to increase membership while offering scholarships to students.

Students who are eligible for scholarships are given a referral to contact a local chapter for scholarship requirements.

The association offers restricted and unrestricted scholarships through its local chapters. The restricted scholarships disbursed in the amounts of $500, $1000 and $1500-depending on the financial need of the student- are offered to students who receive financial aid but still don’t have enough money for school.

The unrestricted scholarship provides students without financial aid money to assist them in purchasing books. It also provides funds for other needs that may prevent students from attending school.

Niki Fadeyi, 21, a pharmacy student from Tampa, praised the NAA for its dedication to students.

“The alumni association is an essential factor in helping students matriculate at FAMU. I plan to become a member after graduation,” Fadeyi said.

Kendric Small, 19, a sophomore marketing student from Plano, Texas echoed Fadeyi’s sentiments. “After graduating, I would love to be a part of the alumni association in an effort to help the school progress.”

Carolyn Hepburn Collins, president of NAA, said parents should also be involved with the association as associate members even if they did not attend FAMU.

Collins remembers when she had no desire to be a part of the association after dealing with negative attitudes from FAMU employees.

“I’m president now because I realized it’s not about me … it’s not about you … it’s about the Rattler babies yet unborn,” Collins said.

John Haugabrook, president of the Leon County chapter, said the chapter has the potential to be the most prominent. “The vision of the Leon County chapter is to become the largest and most innovative,” Haugabrook said.

“We have the largest potential with faculty and staff at FAMU and the alumni within the community.”

As an incentive for students to join the national chapter, the price has been reduced to $500 for a lifetime membership. Students can devise a payment plan while in school, but the amount must be paid in full a year after graduation.

The chapter plans to conduct a membership drive in the upcoming months. Specific information about the drive will be announced at its meeting on Feb. 18.

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