Men, women should make effort to share interests

During the fall, girlfriends and wives all over the nation dread Sundays because it’s “football day.” Men loosen their pants, eat potato chips and yell the name of their favorite team out of the window.

There are various reactions to this behavior. Some women make sure to be absent from the house on Sundays, while others actually spend time with their men and watch the games. This strange behavior often spills over into the seasons of other sports too.

Could this mean that more women are taking an honest interest in sports?

This is not likely.

Although there are a large number of women who genuinely enjoy watching sports, many women watch sports simply to keep the company of their men.

The women that leave the house during sporting events, or watch a movie on the mandatory “other TV” generally believe that this behavior is wrong and these women are not acting on behalf of the female gender.

Does it have to be that deep?

Some women just want to spend time with their men. We are willing to sacrifice something we deem far more interesting to do that.

No one is saying that sports can make or break a relationship. If it can, it wasn’t that strong of a relationship in the first place.

However, a relationship can only survive if both parties are willing to learn about and take an interest in what interests their partner.

If your partner is interested in origami, then instead of complaining about the paper objects around the house, learn how to make one in the shape of a goal post or golf club.

Granted, most sports are not that obscure. However, in order to live and love together, both genders have to watch a basketball game or soap opera every once in a while.

In today’s society, so many things exist that could break up a relationship. Sports shouldn’t have to be added to the list.

Danielle Wright, 24, is a senior theatre student from London. She is editor in chief for The Famuan. She can be reached at