Griping useless

Florida A&M University students often complain about dining services, the bookstore, physical plant, parking, tuition and the list goes on. Though they may be new to some, these issues have bothered previous classes.

Complaining is a reactive measure. It will not solve any problem. That is precisely why parking, the cost of books and the condition of some buildings remain issues on campus.

Complaining to fellow students is like preaching to the choir. Students resolve nothing because they fail to voice concerns to the correct source.

Campus directories are available in Student Activities and at Pick one up, and find out with whom concerns should be addressed.

Go through the chain of command. Don’t take “no” from someone who isn’t authorized to say “yes.” If that doesn’t work, go as far up as possible in administration. Interim Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Barbara Barrett will likely be the last person to see about addressing concerns.

Before talking to anyone, make sure you do the necessary research.

Some things seen as constant problems have actually improved throughout the years. For example, the students who came to FAMU in the fall of 1998 have witnessed several improvements. The library has a lot more computers and students do not have to wait forever to use them. The bookstore is larger, has more cashiers and has a greater selection of goods. The parking garage has alleviated parking problems.

The Orange Room is open later, has more variety, and now accepts rattler cards. The cafeteria is much larger to accommodate more students. There may not be a national burger joint there, but the food selection has improved.

It was action, not complaint, which led to these improvements.

Be proactive in order to remedy concerns.

Augustine Rho for The Famuan.