SGA offers new twist for Valentines

Roses, chocolates and cards are not the only gifts that will be given this Valentine’s Day. SGA will hos a week of activities to celebrate the day.

SGA begins a week of love-filled festivities by introducing African Love Unity Week.

“The purpose of this week’s festivities is to bring unification and love within the FAMU community,” said Cassandra Theramene, coordinator of African Love Unity Week .

Male Appreciation Day, on Wednesday, disproves the myth that Valentine’s Day is just for females.

A number of female organizations will be participating in an effort to treat the men of FAMU. Besides the continuation of romantic tokens being distributed, there will also be massage parlors, fresh fruit and other sweet treats. The day of pampering will take place on the Set from noon to 3 p.m.

A variety of groups are dedicated to participating in male and female appreciation days, Theramene said. They include the majority of Greek organizations, members of Images, Divine Dimes, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Mahogany, Strikers, Progressive Black Men, Men of Impact, Royal Escorts and more.

On Thursday, it is the ladies’ turn to be treated like queens. Ladies relax, relate and release your stresses by heightening your senses. Be prepared to feel the healing of therapeutic hands and taste delectable delights from noon to 3 p.m.

Otis Padgett, 23, a senior business management student from Tampa and a member of the Epsilon Psi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. said that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be for couples.

“It should also be about us [males] expressing our love, appreciation and respect for females, since women are the backbone of our civilization. Our [Omega Psi Phi] participation is the least we could do.”

It’s not over yet; SGA will be presenting “Still in Love on the Set.” Do you have someone special you would like to send a sing-a-gram to? SGA and Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity, Inc. will be selling $5 and $10 packages to be distributed to students on campus.

The $5 packages include an ensemble of two carnations, one balloon, an assortment of candy and a tiny teddy bear.

The $10 packages include all of the above, as well as a candy filled champagne glass and a personalized singing gram.

“I think that is a great way to show affection for someone you care about, but maybe a little apprehensive in approaching,” said Tiffany Smalls, 20, a junior pharmacy student from Ft. Lauderdale.

Members of Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity, Inc. will personally deliver the love grams to students on campus.

Love is in the air and on the Set. Don’t be a Valentine’s Grinch, come join the festivities and be a part of African Love Unity Week.

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