Fire alarms not taken seriously

This is ridiculous! Hearing the fire alarm in the dorms these days is like hearing an expletive. People just go on with their lives.

I honestly commend FAMU students that go outside and wait patiently every time the alarm goes off, but even they get tired of wasting their time for a false alarm.

Too many students just ignore the fire alarms as if it is a loud noise. The only way to fix this problem is to not fine students, but to get better smoke and steam detectors. Most detectors are in the absolutely worst places-near the showers.

The real cause for the student apathy when hearing the alarm is simply because they know the only time the alarm goes off is when someone is taking a hot shower.

I have yet to honestly hear about a real fire in any dorm on campus. Absolutely no one will take a fire alarm seriously when it keeps going off during hot showers.

If FAMU really wants to take care of the fire alarm problem they should install a sprinkler in every room. I know it will be a little expensive but if I had a choice of getting cable or a sprinkler in my room I would choose a sprinkler in a quickie.

Fining students for not leaving their rooms when the alarm sounds will do nothing. Most could care less. A fire alarm loses all respect and credibility when it keeps me from sleeping in my bed for six full hours on a Saturday.

We cannot solve the problem with the alarms until students can believe the fire alarm is not crying wolf. Until that day comes I will enjoy the friendly confines of my room when the alarm goes off.

Will Brown, 18, is freshman broadcast journalism student from Rockledge Fla. He is Assistant Sports Editor. He can be reached at