Country still lacks justification for war

The decision to go to war should not be shrouded in ambiguity. Though Secretary of State Colin Powell made a persuading presentation as to the existence of so-called weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, there was still no logical reason given as to why the United States must invade Iraq.

Although the United States is correct in pointing out that Iraq is not in compliance with a U.N. resolution, is that a reason to attack? No. If this were the criterion, then the United States would be taking military action against dozens of nations around the globe.

For months in building its case against Iraq, the administration has released selected nuggets of intelligence data. Satellite photographs reveal that Iraq is rebuilding facilities at sites that have been part of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program.

Powell’s evidence that Iraq was trying to hide chemical or biological weapons from U.N. inspectors was convincing.

However, the Security Council, the American people and the rest of the world have an obligation to study Powell’s presentation very closely and seriously.

Is it possible that we have been misinformed on some things? Yes. There’s absolutely no way to know whether the evidence shown to the inspectors were not fabricated.

Bush’s urgency of the drive to dislodge Saddam Hussein largely flows from the threat that Saddam will acquire nuclear weapons, not that he has weapons of mass destruction.

Powell was able to show that Iraq has intended to deceive and evade inspectors, but he failed to prove that these weapons were intended for use against the United States. How much time do we have before there is a realistic risk that Saddam will have a bomb?

It is quite possible that America possesses undisclosed but ironclad evidence of the current extent of Saddam’s nuclear program, but because the consequences of war are so terrible, the United States can not afford to confront Iraq without concrete evidence and broad international support.

Kaye Dallas, is a senior public relations student from Miami. She is Copy Desk Chief for The Famuan. She can be reached at