Rattlerettes split opening doubleheader

“We’re small pieces of leather, but we’re well put together” are the words that were set above the Rattlerettes dugout on Tuesday.

The well put together team of 20 tied a double header with Mercer University in their first two home games of the season. In the first game FAMU went on a 2-0 run in the second inning. Monique Mattingly scored a run and Jerika Mobley stole home to score a run also.

“I was glad to contribute something to the team and the fans,” said Mattingly, a shortstop from Gainesville.

The ladies executed a double play in the fifth inning, and Eria Williams caught a ball hit into right field to help end the game in the bottom of the seventh inning in favor of the Rattlerettes 2-0.

“I was scared at first, it being my first game and all,” said Danielle Brown a freshman pitcher from Orange Park.

“But when I got on the field and around my team I knew I was ready.”

In the second game, and a slightly different line up, the game started off with a bang. They accomplished a 3-up, 3-down in the first inning.

In the second inning Eria Williams stole home to score the first run. The Rattlerettes executed another double play in the bottom of the second inning.

Crystal Pardue, of Mercer hit a ball into right field but it was swiftly caught by double zero, Erica Williams in third inning. Mercer answered with a great defensive showing of their own with a 3-up, 3-down in the bottom of that third inning.

Neither team had put a point up on the scoreboard going into the bottom of sixth inning.

Then the Rattlerettes catcher for the second game, Elisha Scott hit a homerun, which ended the scoreless drought, making the score 2-0 in the bottom of sixth.

Later in an exciting seventh inning Mercer came back. After a walk by the pitcher of the second game Javetta Dryer, the bases were loaded enabling the Lady Bears to score three runs. The Rattlerettes did not answer in the bottom of the seventh inning, so the game ended 3-2 Mercer.

“This was a great season opener,” said Jim Brown, a faithful fan in his fourth season supporting the softball team.

“The ladies are looking better, and just playing better ball all together.”

There will be a Florida State Tournament this weekend on February 7-9th and another exciting ball game on Wednesday February 12th.