Return to sender

Last week, the United States’ ever-faithful President delivered his second State of the Union Address in a feeble attempt to reunite the country.

Never failing to let anyone down, Bush’s proposals were extremely off-the-wall.

Bush identified strengthening the economy as his number one priority but fell short of realizing the correct process.

Among the costly plans he put forth was a $674 billion, 10-year economic plan including proposals to eliminate taxes on stock dividends and provide tax relief to 92 million Americans.

The tax plan is beneficial- to the top one percent of taxpayers. Everyone else, the ones who actually need to save money, will be forced to pick up the slack and pay even more.

The economy is in a poor state right now and needs the money to help elevate its status. By deleting needed funds, Bush is certainly not strengthening the economy.

The President had a few good points in his address but they were overshadowed by his ignorant propositions.

Eliminating the marriage penalty would benefit couples greatly so they don’t have to pay excess taxes. Requiring more volunteer hours from citizens would also be a great asset to this country that sometimes has its head stuck up its behind.

Bush also proposed new spending for Medicare, bioterrorism, drug treatment, and hydrogen-powered cars.

The country is on the verge of war. The state of the nation is in shambles and he’s thinking about improving vehicles.

$1.2 billion spent on researching hydrogen-powered automobiles should obviously be the last thing on Bush’s mind.

Bush made many suggestions towards improving the country as a whole, but he failed to look at the smaller picture. There are numerous states and businesses faltering because of the stagnant economy.

Should President Bush continue to keep his eyes on the horizon, he will certainly miss what’s right beneath his nose- an anxious country craving a leader.

Dominique Drake for The Famuan