Bonus Bucks fail to serve students

It has been my misfortune to experience one of the biggest problems on campus — “bonus bucks.”

Students can use their Rattler card to purchase meals at the Orange Room or the Rattler’s Nest, after adding 50 or 100 bucks to their card. This is great; however, there are problems with bonus bucks.

Some students are under the impression that bonus bucks may only be used in the Orange Room. Other students have never heard of the Rattler’s Nest, located in the lower level of the Foote-Hilyer Administration Center.

Another problem with bonus bucks is the inefficiency of the machine. Last semester, from about the second week of August until the beginning of October, the machine in the Orange Room was out of service. The machine started working in the middle of November, but failed again in less than two weeks. A few days before the Christmas break the machine was repaired.

During the time when the machine would work, students weren’t allowed to use their bucks until after 5:00 p.m. Why? People eat before five too.

Besides those problems, money on the card doesn’t roll over to the next semester. Because the machine in the Orange Room was broken, students left for the holiday break with a balance on their card that couldn’t be used this semester.

I recently visited the Rattler’s Nest and I found the machine to be out of service; I was not surprised If the machines were to work longer than a day, I would suspect that FAMU would be moving on up.

The solution is simple: get the machines fixed.

What happens to the money that’s left on a student’s card? Where does it go since is doesn’t roll over to the following semester? It appears this is a way for FAMU to get rich. Students pay for the bonus bucks along with meals plans, but can’t use them..

Students, be wise. Should you choose to use bonus bucks, be aware that you’ll likely have problems. The machines will continue to break down, and if there’s a balance at the end of the semester, kiss it goodbye. Voice your complaints to administration.

Dear administration:

We spend money to use the bonus bucks service; please get the machines fixed.

Robyn K. Mizelle, 19, is sophomore broadcast journalism Student from Lake City, Fl. She is the Assistant Opinions Editor. She can be reached at