New African Americam WEB search engine

The technology “gap” is real for African Americans. It seems that with each new advance there is a larger and growing “gap”. In the future much of this may be filled as the cost and complexity of hardware and software plummets.

But even with this there will be a growing necessity for Afro centric web content. Gaidi Hartage a 24 year old African American business owner believes that there maybe “Unity on the Web” for African Americans and has made this the slogan and mission for his business called Ascendovations.

His technology business already has three products and is partnering on a fourth. His flagship product is an African American web content search engine called Black Alliance, which has two sister products, Historically Black Colleges Calendar, and Instant-E. Both are located at and respectively.

Instant-E is his automated internet web publisher and hosting site and Black College calendar, first developed for fun has also become a profit center.

Together these products interact to offer content development and a place to house or host your site while the search engine quickly locates African American venders worldwide. Yes he may have found “Unity on the Web”

Contact Gaidi Hartage at 407-291-9032