Philly native takes listeners for a ride

Philadelphia, a city known for producing great soul artists, has done it again. Their newest contribution, Vivian Green, 23, though small in stature, is a musical giant.

Green’s debut album, A Love Story, strays from the typical “my baby left me” or “love stinks” type of songs. Instead, it captures the essence of emotions and activities from lonely days in bed to arguments that seem petty when they once seemed important.

Through songs like the hit single “Emotional Rollercoaster,” in which Green vividly describes the ups and downs of relationships, and “Affected,” which describes a woman who doesn’t fall easily into a man’s game plan, Green tells the story of love from start to finish.

Her sound is almost indescribable. The rhythms and lyrics flow from jazz to a mixture of old school and new soul. Critics have often deemed her too young and too small to own her powerful voice and tone. Through personal accounts of her life, Green uses smooth rhythms and soothing melodies to tell of love’s bittersweet nature.

A Love Story puts the average relationship under a microscope, and journeys through every aspect of relationships. With songs like “Fanatic” and “Superwoman” listeners may empathize with the performer as she recreates times of feeling unappreciated, times of missing a significant other for a month that seems like eternity and times of simply smiling because of being so deeply in love.

A Love Story is a blend of maturity, sophistication, self-pride and good

old-fashioned love, not just any love, but the love that lives in the pit of your stomach, which feels so good sometimes it aches.

Kanya Simon, Staff Editor can be reached at