Mr. ’12 Play’ deserves no support

When R. Kelly sings “Feelin’ on Yo booty,” he’s talking about young girls.

Kelly was arrested on Jan. 22 in Miami and charged with possession of child pornography. Charges were not pressed earlier because the police had to verify the age of the girl.

The evidence – twelve nude photos of an under-aged girl – was found last June in Kelly’s rental home in Davenport, Fla., located in Polk County southwest of Orlando. The photos showed Kelly doing more than feeling on the minor.

Last summer, a videotape showing Kelly having sex with a 14- or 15- year-old girl surfaced. Kelly said it wasn’t him. Someone had doctored the tape to set him up. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of video editing knows that’s not possible.

Maybe now Kelly will do like O.J. Simpson and say the police set him up.

Kelly is a bona fide pervert. Yes, people are innocent until proven guilty. But 12 pictures and videotape are worth more than a thousand words. They are proof that Kelly has a penchant for young girls. They are proof of his guilt.

It is horrifying that despite Kelly’s behavior, he still enjoys support from fans and his record company. His music is still in rotation on radio and he continues to enjoy his career. His new album, “Chocolate Factory,” is scheduled to hit record stores on Feb. 18, and he was in the process of filming his latest music video when he was arrested.

Some people excuse Kelly’s behavior and justify their support for him by blaming young girls for tempting him. That is sick! There’s a name for adults who say children seduce them; it’s child molester.

Kelly is a married man with a daughter of his own. He deserves no admiration, no support and no excuses.

Augustine Rho forThe Famuan.