Mordern Day James Gang

24. Modern Day James Games

Oh say can you feel this, now remember, Politics the science of governing government.What a big joke. Now Governor Bush while He was campaigning, he was all for education.Now he is cutting education, knowing that thisIs hurting the future of Florida, also Jessie Bush Is taking away jobs like the railroad took landFrom the common people. See why the rappers Say, hit em hard, hit em low hit em Jake.Once the James I mean the Bush Gang in Control, Frank and Jessie Bush and the rappers say Again “regulators mount up, in order to be a regulator You have to be able know the meaning of politics.” Mean while Jessie Bush reads his budget cuts Forgetting about the single parents, and the poor People pray “Give ear to my words, O LordConsider my meditation” The return of the James Brothers better known as the Bush Brother the prayer Goes on “My voice shalt thou hear in the morningO Lord in the morning will I direct my prayer to Unto you and look up.” Frank Bush wants warFor what real reason oil or to kill a billion people? The prayer goes on “For thou art not a God that Pleasure in wickedness, neither shall evil dwell with Thee” One Florida, like Nimrod’s oneness in bible daysOne world for Frank Bush oneness as the prayer said “The foolish shall not stand in thy sight, thou hatesall workers of iniquity” You want smaller classes,said Jessie Bush so I will raise the cost of going to college and freeze financial aid, and the rappers said “Sorry Miss Jackson I am for real, didn’t mean to make you cry, but its lights, camera action where the regulators? @Robert Baulkmon