Time management critical for working students

Balancing school, work, and socializing can make college very complicated. Peggy Duncan, CEO of Duncan Resource Group Inc., said college students could simplify their lives by remembering why they’re in school.

“School should always be priority,” she said. “You have to keep your eyes on a much bigger prize…even if you have to wear the same jeans everyday.”

“I wore the same black skirt three days every week, but I invested that money back into my business,” Duncan said.

Duncan’s business is helping others to manage their time and wallets effectively.

Students, Duncan said, need money because they do not budget, and they lose study time by working.

“Instead, students should stay focused, but they get things like credit cards and get into more debt than they have to. They end up working two or three jobs when school should always be a priority,” Duncan said.

Kevin James, 19, a sophomore psychology student from Mobile, Alabama, said working as a resident assistant at Gibbs Hall doesn’t conflict with his studies.

“It allows me to stay on campus and plus I won’t have to run around all over town (to work) and then try to get my homework done,” James said.

Thomas Duncan, 23, a fifth year business student from Detroit and owner of Tommy D’s Restaurant, also focuses on school despite his career.

“I study at night and on the weekends, and when I get the time, I study some more,” the restaurant owner said.

Thomas Duncan advises up-and-coming student entrepreneurs to keep school first.

“If not, then you’ll never graduate,” he said.

Thomas Duncan said students interested in starting a business should begin “at the tail end” of their college career.

“It only gets harder and more demanding, and you need time to put into it,” he said.

Time Management Tips:

Get organized.

Stop procrastinating.

Plan the night before school or a special event.

Make a “to do” list everyday.

Use spare minutes wisely.

Say “no” sometimes.

Get a good night’s sleep.

Don’t waste time agonizing.

Keep things in perspective.

Sources: Peggy Duncan of Duncan Resource Group, Inc. and www.collegeboard.com.

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