Delores Davis resigns from financial aid office

FAMU Financial Aid Director Delores Davis said she was leaving FAMU at the end of the month to take a new job at Clark-Atlanta University in Atlanta.

Davis, also the assistant vice president for student affairs, submitted the paragraph-long letter addressed to her supervisor, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs Barbara Barrett, back in December.

School officials said her resignation marks the end of a four-year period that saw shortened financial aid lines and scheduled times for financial aid counselors to consult students.

“(The president) appreciated the services she did at FAMU,” said LaNedra Carroll, school spokeswoman.

Davis came to FAMU at a time when students were upset about the time it took to get through a visit in the financial aid office.

Nearing the end of her tenure, Davis is heralded for cutting student time in 114 Foote-Hilyer and adding computers in the Perry-Paige building to check financial aid.

Davis’ new position at Clark has not yet been announced by FAMU.It also is not known who will step in as interim director of financial aid until a permanent replacement can be hired.

News of Davis’ departure comes as President Fred Gainous is wrapping up interviews to replace the five vice presidents who all left FAMU for various reasons last summer.

He said in Tuesday’s faculty meeting that he had wrapped up interviewing for the Provost and vice president for administrative affairs.