Bigger but not safer

What’s 97% between the ears and 3% between the legs, according to Shirlee Passau-Buck, certified sex therapist from Naples? The answer is sex.

“Sex is more of a psychological experience than a physical one because often times members of both sexes suffer from performance anxiety, “said Passau-Buck. “Men in particular, often drive themselves crazy thinking about their size and stamina.”

According to experts, men should not allow size to be a principal issue of concern or self-debasement.

“From my 15 years of being a sex therapist I’ve found that most women could care less about a man’s size,” said Alan Grieco, a licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist, of Winter Park, Fla.

Product advertisements aim to profit from men’s insecurities. In response, concerned doctors advise men to exercise caution when experimenting with merchandise that promises permanent penis enlargement. Such products lack scientific evidence to back them.

Raphael Tshibangu, an obstetrician and gynecologist at the Highland Hospital in Rochester, N.Y., agrees that many of these products do not work.

“The muscles in a man’s penis are already predetermined and can’t be multiplied. This is because striated muscles are the type of muscles in the arms that with exercise, allow a man to bulk up, but there aren’t any striated muscles in the penis,” Tshibangu said.

Greico said the greatest fuel for a man’s sex drive isn’t a drug or supplement.

“There aren’t any effective sexual stimulants for men on the market. However, the best stimulant is just simply being in love,” said Greico.

Sexual enhancers can even cause damaging long-term effects in your sexual or overall health.

Troy Harris, 19, a sophomore pharmacy student from Atlanta, suggests that male students use caution with these substances, especially if they have plans for starting a family in the future. Harris worries that these supplements can prevent future plans for conception.

Tshibangu said taking care of your physical health is the best way to guarantee improved performance and stamina. Taking care of one’s body can improve the sexual experience of a man and his mate.

“Exercising, eating well, getting adequate sleep and moderating your intake of toxins are the best ways to naturally improve stamina and sexual health for men,” he said.

It seems that investing in overall health can do much more for a man’s sex life than any product or supplement.

By: Samuel R. Flemmings,