endorsement from Commissioner Bill Proctor

Commissioner Bill Proctor Endorses Former SGA President Gillum

I am pleased to endorse former FAMU Student Government Association President Andrew Gillum for the Tallahassee City Commission, Seat 2.

Andrew is a former student I instructed. He is very articulate, thoughtful and real. He was a popular classroom student whose comments were respected and persuasive.

Andrew has outstanding leadership talents. He is an intricate part of a long line of distinguished FAMU student Government Presidents who are visionary, courageous and who did not limit their voices to only student issues, but who also shared their genius in addressing public issues affecting all Floridians.

Charismatic, confident and cool, Andrew Gillum communicates extremely well with his constituents. He can mobilize, motivate and marshal human resources extremely well. He has charisma that ignites. He is an intellectual with social commitment. Andrew Gillum is the right man for our times through arguably ahead of his.

He is young and gifted displaying tremendous maturity in discharging his responsibilities to his constituents, our community and his ancestors. Andrew has not failed us in his stride toward community excellence. We must not fail him as he offers his gifts of leadership in further assisting our community to higher heights of fairness, equality and real justice for all.

County Commissioner Bill Proctor, District 1 January 2003