Previous Iraqi uncooperation gives United States reason to strike first

America has no choice but to go to war with Iraq. Iraq has proven itself to be extremely deceptive and secretive. Tension over weapons and chemical warfare between the United States and Iraq since the Gulf War prove this.

Some people believe the United States wants to go to war because we have not found Osama bin Laden. They want to believe blame is being shifted to Saddam Hussein.

That is not true.

Hussein has been a thorn in the country’s side for over a decade. Iraq has repeatedly refused to abide by agreements made at the end of the Gulf War. Anytime a dictator refuses to allow United Nations’ peacekeepers to determine whether his country is manufacturing weapons of mass destruction, he and his country are probably doing something wrong.

If Hussein does have such weapons, he would not hesitate to use them on us. We should not hesitate to stop him before he has the chance to use them. Saddam Hussein is probably working with bin Laden and al-Qaeda. He could be funding them like he is funding the families of suicide bombers in Israel.

This country cannot accept another humiliating travesty as that of September 11. If bin Laden is hiding in Iraq, the U.S. needs to go in and find him.

Saddam Hussein is slick and powerful. He knows how to manipulate people. He is calling for a holy war with the U.S. That means he wants fanatics to come into our country and kill us. If those fanatics have the nerve to do what they did to the Pentagon and New York, they are capable of anything.

September 11 proves we are not immune to attack. If Hussein and his supporters have a point to prove, they will unleash their chemicals on us. They will bomb us and infect us with manufactured diseases. We must not be afraid to strike to prevent that from happening.

Hussein wants to pretend he and his cohorts are doing nothing wrong. He wants to stay in the United States’ of America’s and the U.N.’s good graces. All the while, he is stabbing us in the back. He is probably creating chemical weapons to kill us.

Jarrell Douse, 21, is a public relations student from Miami. He can be reached at