How to defeat racism

Racism will be here until we educate the youth.Once we educate the youth on its origin low and behold a change will show. It will be hard to change 400 years plus of hard traning. You see racism was designed to keep people apart.In order to destory it we must show love.Love for family, love for each other.To confront change trust must conqur hate.They use mind control to get mothers to turn the kids against fathers,fathers against mothers. This breaks down of the family. Then fat against slim, lights against dark equals no unity. No unity leads to no strength. Now the first case was in Heaven,when Satan player hated God. Now Sticks and stone may break our bones but names never break skin.Take away blame and there is no confusion.No confusion leads to conflict. Without conflictwe have no destruction,without distruction we no blame leads to no racism which brings love.That leads to trust which brings strength and unity. Peace out.