Food services need work

Hungry? Why wait? You can come to FAMU and squander your money on their “great” service.

For a university that has nearly 13,000 students and faculty, our cafeteria should be much better. The food — when it hasn’t run out an hour before closing time — is usually hard and bland. There’s also no such thing as grabbing a “quick bite” because the lines are unbelievably long.

The cafeteria’s location is just as bad. Ladies must walk clear across campus just to get some food. By the time they trek up the hills to the dormitories, all the food is burned off. Their stomachs are left feeling as though they hadn’t eaten anything.

Not only does the FAMU food service leave us wanting for more, it also overcharges us. We must pay $933 for food not always well prepared.

This university operates on a minimum budget of $210 million. Perhaps if more money is allocated for Food Services we can receive better food and more variety.

Instead of ending meals at varying times throughout the week, Food Services should have a consistent time schedule. Students understand the people who work in Food Services have lives too. Still, if your job is to serve then it needs to be done well and without an attitude.

Instead of having only one cafeteria on one side of the campus, open another mini cafe in the middle of campus. At the least, allow meal plans to be used in the Orange Room.

Perhaps a student group could be formed to meet with the food service to collaborate ideas and set standards.

I know FAMU has some great workers behind those counters and those men and women have awesome ideas for improving the service as well. Hear them out so our food service can improve to higher levels.

Dominique Drake is a freshman business student from Cleveland, Ohio. She is The Famuan’s Deputy Opinions Editor. She can be reached at