Dominique Drake’s Story, “Ryan’s death row decisions flawed”

I am writing to Dominique Drake, regarding her story about the en-masse death-row commutation by Illinois Gov. George Ryan. (But, I would also like the editor to consider my short letter for publications in “Letters to the Editor.”) First, I am glad that FAMU, long characterized as a “liberal” or Democratic-leaning college, is speaking up for conservative viewpoints: I am a conservative Republican.

However, like Gov. Ryan, I am also fair. To that end, I would like to offer a possible correction her story: I heard Gov. Ryan on a news program make claims that he did indeed review, at least to some extent, all 167 death-row case-files. (Proof of his examination can be found in the differing treatments he gave different cases.)

In conclusion, I support the death penalty, but only if it is not done in such a way that innocents are put to death (as recent DNA evidence has shown) – or if there are differing treatments based on a racial, gender, political, religious, age, or poverty status of the “convicted.”

Gordon W. WattsPS: Word count is about 174, not counting the signature portion here