SGA senators resign

Two SGA senators resigned during the senate’s weekly meeting, both citing problems within the committee.

When it came time for community forum, Senior Sen. Kenjay Williams, a business administration student from Denver, made his announcement. The other, Sophomore Sen. Mark Keli, a second year business student from Detroit, submitted a letter of resignation.

When Williams announced his resignation, everything stopped, save the scribbling of pens that marked his words:

“This is the saddest senate I have ever seen.”

Williams, an SGA participant for two years, is taking a semester off and could not serve as a senator during that time.

In his departure, he criticized senators for doing the right things for the wrong reasons, such as the outstanding senator award.

“It’s not a title up here. We haven’t done the job for the students,” Williams said. “What good is it to say that I am the best of the worst?”

Williams said the personal agendas within the senate have created a rift between the student government and the student body.

“My expectations as a senator are a lot higher than what I’ve seen,” Williams said after his resignation. “The executive branch has been outstanding, but as a senate, we have fallen short.”

Williams left the meeting after he resigned, minutes before Senate President Aziza Bawser read a letter to the senate body.

Senator Keli resigned stating that he wanted to try new things, and that some issues within the senate needed resolution.

Williams said he will remain active on FAMU’s campus and that he plans to help former SGA President Andrew Gillum with his campaign for city commissioner.

He said he holds no grudges against the senate and that he will to continue to help it.

“I will be thinking of other ways that I can serve FAMU, and let other people try to step up,” Williams said. “Under the circumstances, it was time in my life to move on. It’s a part of growing, not something that I want to do, but something that I need to do.”