Students flock to clubs to rid stress

All work and no play doesn’t fit the lives of some FAMU students.

“School will stress you out,” said William Smith, a junior civil engineering student from Quincy. “Sometimes it is good to just go out with your friends and have a good time and leave all of your cares behind you.”

Students visit clubs to see new faces, have fun with friends, or to remind themselves of their hometowns.

“Besides the regular escape from work, specialized things bring students closer to home,” said Vaughn Wilson, director of urban promotions at The Moon.

“For example, students from Miami listen to reggae music. When they get in the club and hear the reggae music, it reminds them of home,” he said.

The club gives a respite from the pressures of working and going to school.

“I work about 20 hours a week and go to school, but I always have money for the club,” said Smith. For Smith going out is always something to look forward to each weekend.

“Clubbing” is a natural part of college life for many students. Still, they are advised by club owners like Wilson to be cautious of overspending.

When you are on a tight budget a good alternative is attending the club’s “let out”. A “let out” is a gathering of people outside of the club or in a surrounding area when the club has closed.

According to Wilson, it gives students the chance to mingle outside when funds are low or the students are under age.

“Students should budget their money when they go to the club because you don’t want to go with too much money…you may need it for more important things,” said Ryntonia Johnson, a freshman education student from Madison.