Gainous unveils new goals

President Gainous has a very long to-do list.

“I’ve gotten to know a lot of [students] over the past six months,” Gainous said. From the students, he learns a lot about what needs to be done around campus.

“The students are incredible,” Gainous said.

Already, he’s received a lot of positive feedback from students about changes they’ve noticed on campus.

“[When] I got up there (at the President’s Convocation in the fall) and told the students that their net checks were in the mail,” Gainous said. “It felt good to say that.”

Gainous said that net checks will also be on time this spring, and soon the matter of lost papers will end too.

“It’s been passed down over the years to tell students to save a copy of all of their paperwork just in case it gets lost,” Gainous said. “I want to be around when that is no more.”

Gainous also hopes to be here to see a new stadium, renovated housing, a new student recreational center and a new classroom building. Then he hopes to pump millions of dollars into the Honors Program.

“It simply needs to be enhanced,” he said.

Improvements in student parking are already beginning. A major concern is student protection.

“There are students parking on the side of the road and that is not very safe for them,” Gainous said.

He also said to expect 17 more blue lights on campus to increase student safety, as well as an honor code to prevent student theft in on-campus housing.

“I’m pleased with what I’ve seen overall,” Gainous said. “I think I’ve been seeing some real positive things.”


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