Ms. Clarke:

I am corresponding to introduce you to recording artist Michael B. Sutton, a former Motown staff composer and producer who was discovered by Stevie Wonder, and whom has worked directly with; Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick and more. Likewise, Sutton has scored for and performed on the sound tracks of films produced by HBO and CINEMAX. Within only days, Michael’s new debut single has been demanded by over 800 disc jockeys across the United States, as well as overseas, for spinning in their night clubs. As well, this number also includes clubs in your local area, of which we will be making this product available to them within the next two weeks. A few advance media comments include: ” This will definitely work in clubs, it’s sexy and has the funk. In short fabulous! We would love to work it in the Boston area.” – Laura Spear, Assoc. Dir., The Groove Pool/Medford, MA———- “I just reviewed the track and I think it’s tight!” – Ken Johnson/DMX ———- “Ken, your artist has certainly piqued our interest and we would love to review the CD!” – Kim Fisher, Ent. Ed. ———- “Its pretty hot!” – – Mark Vivier, Director, Boston Record Pool ———- “We would love to receive the complete media kit and will certainly include this single in our rotation as soon as we receive it.” – Vanessa Coombs, WVUU-FM ———- “We are indeed interested in your artist.” – Monroe Greer, CMBE Music Pool Director, San Diego, CA ———- “Interesting stuff. May go well in our downtempo urban shows.” – Drew Hall, Program Director, The LION 90.7fm (Pennsylvania)———- “Kenny, feel free to send it along. Sounds good!” – Graham, CFXU Fox FM (Canada)———- “It sounds like it would fit into several formats here.” – K ———- “I think that does have great potential! Are there any remixes?” – Bryan Coonrod, Owner/Director, North Texas Dance Association (Dallas, TX) ===== I, graciously, request your review of the first single, via the music link within this correspondence. If it serves to pique your interest, I request permission to forward a complete media kit to you for your review and consideration of granting the artist an interview for a possible feature story and/or a music review.

In advance, thank you…your assistance is appreciated.


~ Kenny Love, Dir. of MarketingFOR: Little Dizzy Recordskenlove@txucom.net936-545-2092


[ARTIST: “MICHAEL SUTTON”/CD: “Hopeless Romantic”]

Genres: NuSoul/RnB/Urban Contemp./Adult Contemp.)

This new single titled, “I Wanna Sex You,” is available for listening review below in streaming format.

Single 1: “I Wanna Sex You” Hear more of Michael B. Sutton per the below 2 Links:

Official Web Site: