Some professors need close evaluation

Why is it that teachers feel the need to offend students? In my psychology class, the teacher classified all black Catholics of not being truly African or black because they give money to the Catholic Church. Just like in other denominations, they participate in offerings to support their church– not to kill Africans.

Some years ago, Catholics involved with Benito Mussolini gave money to him to “free these heathens” from Hell. The heathens were Africans and the freedom was bombing. Mussolini killed and destroyed Africans and other races and the teacher said that black Catholics fundamentally endorsed it.

I do not agree with this method of teaching.

To single out an entire religion is unethical and cruel. The teacher’s way of thinking reminded me of the way many people classified Muslims, saying that they all wanted to destroy the World Trade Center.

All Muslims didn’t endorse or even know about it. Just as all black Catholics didn’t know about the attacks on Africa allegedly funded by their money. It just doesn’t make sense.

One of my good friends has this class with me and was thoroughly upset with his methodology. She is Catholic, a black Catholic, and doesn’t endorse the destroying and bombing of Africans or anybody.

Getting back to Professor “I’m-blacker-than-thou,” he stated that blacks who believe Jesus was born of immaculate conception aren’t really African or black. The professor was asked by a student, “What should we believe to be black,” the professor replied by saying we should create our own religion.

Then to top off everything, he is a certified psychologist with a license to practice. This is unacceptable. I am going to need for FAMU or the College of Arts and Sciences to evaluate these people before sending them out to destroy people’s beliefs.

All religions are based on the history of something. If I have no history backing up my religion then it is useless.

Had I known when I registered that this psychology class would be about “we need to free away from the white man’s grasp,” and liberation psychology, I wouldn’t have allowed my scholarship and grant money to be wasted.

I just can’t stand stupid, unethical teachers. Students planning on taking psychology courses in the future, beware. If you unfortunately end up with this guy, you will be sinking yourself into a semester full of boring, tiring, innate, useless lecturing.

Robyn K. Mizelle, 19, is a sophomore broadcast journalism student from Lake City she can be reached at