Shopping doesn’t have to burn holes in pockets

Holiday shopping on a budget can be very stressful, more so if you have no idea where to shop, or even how to shop. Luckily, discount stores and the nearest sales rack can relieve some of the stress.

“I like to shop at places like Wal-Mart and Kmart because they have nice things at reasonable prices,” said Farrah Owens, 22, a junior engineering student from Atlanta. “With $100, I can get everyone a gift and still have some left over for me.”

Owens also said flea markets were a good place to get a good deal on gifts when working with a budget.

During the holidays, department stores seem to be a place where students can sometimes find deals, discounts and gifts.

Tiffany Watkins, a store manager at Governor’s Square Mall, said although students are on a tight budget “they are my biggest spenders, especially around the holidays.”

Watkins also said, students don’t look through the sales rack in her store. She said students shouldn’t try to buy all the gifts at once, and by spending money here and there, students will be able to buy everyone on their shopping list a decent gift.

Internet shopping has become a new way to find specific items at a really good price. The only catch is that there is usually shipping and handling fees added on to the prices.

“I bought my little brother a Playstation 2 last Christmas for only $100, plus $10 in shipping and handling, online last year,” said Reginald Wilson, 23, senior nursing student from Fort Lauderdale. “Those things were $300 in the stores, and that was at Wal-Mart.”

Wilson said when shopping for gifts, students should take their time and check all the sales. Also, there is nothing wrong with buying gifts early.

He said sometimes looking early can yield some good deals on very expensive items.