Seniors happy to leave ‘Hill’

Imagine having to drag yourself out of bed for an 8 a.m. class or staying up until 4 a.m. to get a paper written and typed just right.

Imagine missing the Florida Classic because you have a group project due Monday that must be worked on all weekend, or missing the wildest party of the year because you have to analyze a novel for discussion in class the next day.

Now snap back to reality. The long journey is over. In a few weeks you’ll have the opportunity to waltz across the stage with a smile on your face and a diploma in your hand.

In a few weeks, you’ll accomplish a remarkable, in some cases, unbelievable goal. It’s time for you to graduate.

“I’m just ready to go,” said Marcus White, a business administration graduating senior from Houston.

“I’m ready to leave, but not until I hit the Moon,” he said.

Many graduating seniors will celebrate from sunup to sundown. The hot spot after graduation is usually a popular local nightclub called the Moon, but there are other places to go and others things to do.

Graduating English student Shayla Johnson plans to party with other friends who are graduating instead of hanging at the club.

“A couple of my close friends are graduating too,” said Johnson, of Atlanta.

“I think we’re having a get together. I don’t do the club much.”

Going to clubs and parties is not the only thing to do after graduation. Some seniors opt to stay at home and reflect on the past four or five years they spent on the Hill.

Elementary education graduate Deshune Story, 23, recalls the events from her special night.

“I just sat at home and thought about how much I had accomplished in my life,” said the Jacksonville alumna. “I was blessed to be able to attend school, so I never took it for granted.”

Graduating economics student Chris Kennebrew plans to spend his last days with family from his hometown, Jacksonville.

“My family was the positive push behind me graduating. I’m spending my time with them.” Kennebrew said.

“I’m looking forward to helping my children, the same way my people help for me.”