Security secure?

With the creation of the new Department of Homeland Security, many Americans are wondering just how this will help America become safer from terrorists and other groups plotting against the nation.

Some believe that this new department is nothing but another waste of taxpayers’ money. Another way for the government to allocate funds making it appear that they’re doing something constructive and not sitting behind their desks drinking coffee.

The leaders are supposed to collaborate ideas to avoid the miscommunication and lack of cooperation that resulted from numerous divided agencies.

No matter how much groups are consolidated, there will still be mishaps. Humans are going to disagree. Humans are going to be stubborn and refuse information. Humans will be humans.

President Bush is completely confident with his new idea. It’s no wonder why he has the utmost confidence in it. He has all rights in hiring and firing any of the employees working for the department.

The president has so many other things on his plate that worrying about individual staff members should be the last thing on his agenda. He needs to be worrying about the crisis in higher education policies and other pertinent ideas.

But no one will object to anything he creates attempting to fight terrorism because of the current state of our nation.

The safety of the citizens of the United States is now under question. Will it be protected by a President assigning jobs to the Homeland Security Department. Or will it be jeopardized because of the uselessness of this new fangled division. Only time will tell, but hopefully not with disaster.

Dominique Drake for the Editorial Board.