SBI strives to succeed

The fear in students before graduation is not having a position waiting for them when they get out of school. The major factor is being prepared to enter the work force.

The School of Business and Industry tries hard to get their students ready through various types of internships. Therefore, the fear of not having a job upon graduation does not pertain to most “SBIans.”

“Thanks to the SBI program, I had the opportunity to participate in an internship that has allowed me to gain experience,” said Katrice Yokley, 21, an SBI student.

“When I graduate I will already have a job opportunity waiting for me.”

According to an article in The Tallahassee Democrat many Fortune 500 companies are “eager to hire graduates of FAMU’s of School of Business .

Many recruiters from every where come to FAMU with their checkbooks ready said another article in the Florida Trend.

Recruiters come prepared to offer summer internships that may lead to permanent job opportunities.

The SBI program is known nationally for its “most promising African-American business students” printed The Miami Herald.

The School of Business and Industry starts preparing students upon recruitment to the university.

The staff believes that the students must come to FAMU with the aggressiveness of achievement.

“Our students must have certain values instilled in them before they get here,” said Doris Doyle Corbett, director of the residency and internship program of SBI.

“It is also important that they keep their background clean. So, in the future when they receive a background check from their employer, there won’t be a problem.”

Students must start now to receive experience. So, that in the future, the fear of not having a job will not occur.

One thing that SBI emphasizes is maintaining connections with previous employers.

“We want them to reach out to their connections and not to just hide behind their desk at work,” said Corbett.

“They should remain working effectively, while networking with their community.”

In a pamphlet the SBI program is described as “a fast track for fast runners, demanding, rigorous, competitive, rewarding.”