Remember finishing touches for graduation

Graduation time is almost near for students graduating in December.

There are still thousands of undergraduates who are unaware of what some procedures are in preparing for the big day.

“The best advice I would give students is to send in the application forms for graduation on time,” said Michael James, university registrar.

“Students should check with their academic departments to determine if they have been approved and processed,” he said.

Aside from getting all the required paper work done and keeping up the good grades, there are also other things that need to be done prior to graduation deadlines.

“Students must remember that FAMU’s bookstore provides everything from cap and gown, invitations to diploma frames and announcements,” said Angela Williams, assistant manager at the FAMU bookstore.

“I urge students to come in as soon as possible because announcements have to be customized as well as sent out to family and friends who will be attending graduation.”

Cap and gown is also known as grad celebration day, a day where graduating students get to be measured for their cap and gowns.

“Who would have thought grad celebration day would be so important,”said Winston Lee, 22, a business student from Miami.

“I always thought this day would be just like any other but when I got to put on my gown with the cap, I looked in the mirror, smiled and felt proud.

“To all undergrads out there stick with school because in the end you’ll know that graduation day was something that you worked hard for and no one can ever take that from you.”

On graduation day there are commencement programs which give all graduating students recognition for their degrees.

“In our department we work on getting out the commencement programs as soon as possible” James said.

“We really like to include pictures to make the book more interesting and lively.”