Rattlerettes ‘were pitiful’ against B-CC Wildcats

In their first conference game of the season the Rattlerette basketball team played well, half-heartedly. The women’s basketball team’s record fell to 1-4 as they lost 66-55 to rival Bethune-Cookman. The Wildcats totally dominated the Rattlerettes in the first half, needing only 33 percent shooting to stake a 31-21 lead, and the Rattlerettes were never able to recover.

“We were pitiful, we did not compete, and we were very passive tonight.” said FAMU head coach Debra Clark. “I told our team that we were fortunate to only be down by ten at halftime.”

The first half was full of turnovers, ill-advised shots, and sloppy play by the Rattlerettes. When the Rattlerettes were able to get a good shot off, B-CC was all over the offensive glass forcing a numerous amount of one-shot possessions.

Senior Kim Watson led the Rattlerettes with 19 points and 11 rebounds. “We need to play ball in the first half; we played the second half only. If we play two halves of ball we will win.”

Yolanda Dixon, who had 11 points of her own, added “We played a half of a half, we need to come out with intensity early.”

After a half of total domination by the Wildcats, the Rattlerettes decided to show up, the only problem was it was too little to late. After shooting an abysmal 25 percent in the first half, the Rattlerettes shot 50 percent from the field, the only problem with that was that B-CC shot 51 percent from the field and matched the Rattlerettes spurt for spurt.

Bethune-Cookman’s coach Sandra Booker was very happy with her team’s performance ” I was very pleased. FAMU is our rival. It was not easy, but I’m happy to come out with a victory.” Booker said she told her players to watch Kim Watson because she was playing very well coming into the game.

Both Rattlerette players and coaches agreed that they needed to come out with intensity at the beginning of games. Yolanda Dixon said it best, “We lacked energy and intensity, it was as if we were playing scared.”

Dixon and Watson combined to score 30 of FAMU’s 55 total points. The other starters: Dierdre Tyus, Deidra Bateman, and Candance Crawford were only able to score eight points. The Rattlerette bench scored 17 of the team’s points.

But the big target on offense, Kim Watson, was shut down in the first half. “The plan is for me to score 20 a game. We need to box out on the offensive glass.” Watson said. Dixon added, “These teams are not beating us we are beating ourselves.”