Bag limits cause students to pay more

Airline baggage limits are not pleasing students because of the extra cost they impose on their budget.

Delta, American Airlines, US Airways and AirTran all have similar baggage limits and carry-on requirements.

“These baggage limits have me digging in my pocket and coming up empty-handed because of the other expenses that I still have on my plate,” said Rytonia Johnson, 18, a freshman business administration student from Madison.

“All travelers take way too many items,” said Brenda Smith, who has been the assistant division manager at AAA for three years.

The Domestic U.S. baggage allowances for the aircrafts mentioned include two checked bags, one carry-on bag and one personal item.

Johnson’s planned flight for Christmas may cause her to go over the baggage limit with the gifts she is told she is receiving.

“Some airlines will charge you after one bag of checked in luggage because they are actually transporting this for you.

That is included with the price of your ticket,” Smith said.

Each piece of baggage to be checked without charge can not exceed the weight of 70 pounds and dimensions of 62 inches in overall length, width and height, Smith said.

Charges range from $80 to $180 for students who exceed Delta Airlines baggage requirements according to their official website from the AAA Auto Club.

AirTran has an excess baggage fee of $50 for each bag checked over its baggage limit.

“If you don’t overstuff your suitcase you shouldn’t have any problems with the weight,” Smith said.

US Airways will not accept any baggage over 100 pounds or baggage that measures in single dimensions more than 72 inches or combined dimensions exceeding 115 inches according to their official web site.

Students are not allowed to have any carry-on baggage that can cause potential harm to the passengers and crew on any airline.

“You don’t need to take scissors or any type of manicuring type items,” said Smith who has 32 years of experience with AAA.

“Always find out up front all the information you need before you leave for the airport because it is too late once you get there.”