Athletic director fired

J.R.E. “Bobby” Lee began his term Monday as interim athletic director. Lee, the grandson of the former FAMU president J.R.E. Lee, is a graduate of FAMU and was athletic director at Tennesse State University during the 1980’s.

President Fred Gainous fired the top two employees of the FAMU athletic department Nov. 26.

Ken Riley, 55, a former quarterback for the Rattlers and cornerback for the Cincinnati Bengals was relieved of his duties as athletic director while Cynthia Dupont-Jones, 44, was released from her position as associate athletic director.

Riley said he expected the news, which has been rumored for a long time now.

Dupont-Jones has seen many changes in the leadership of the department and said she expected to outlast this most recent change.

She cited the fact that she had successfully managed the $7 million athletic budget despite the deficit last year.

Riley, who had a successful 15-season career as a cornerback in the National Football League, also served as an assistant coach in the NFL. After easing the transition for the new athletic director, Riley may want to go back to coaching.

Compiled by Elizabeth Broadway

Sources: The Tallahassee Democrat,, 2002 Rattler Football Media Guide.