The Misconception of SBI

This article is not aimed at any particular area of study because we have neither the time nor the interest to analyze or criticize any areas that we are not directly involved in. We simply would like to correct any misconceptions of who we are, what we do and what we stand for.

Capitalism Defined:

Economic system characterized by private property ownership; individuals and companies are allowed to compete for their own economic gain; and free market forces determine the prices of goods and services.

Regardless of what one studies, upon entrance into the American economy, one will be involved in some form of capitalism.

SBI is a university subculture, however, it is one that instills within its students the confidence and skills necessary to succeed in any environment. We are being trained to work and coexist with mainstream America so that we may enhance our level of competency.

Only with these acquired skills, will we be able to successfully create, promote and operate a business of our own.

Ninety-five percent of startup firms fail because of lack of experience much like the remarks about SBI failed because of lack of knowledge and unsubstantiated evidence.

One can experience the entrepreneurial spirit of SBI by visiting many venues around the city.

Tommy D’s Restaurant, Fabulous Clothing & Apparel, The Copy Corner, Ujamaa and University Courtyard are all products of SBI.

If you have ever been to a performance by Concept, managed by Candice Taylor or even heard the sounds produced by MPerfect Entertainment, owned by Dave Roberson and Marcellus Womack, you have witnessed examples of SBIans who invest skills learned to fulfill their artistic aspirations.

SBI students have a strong presence on campus.

We are involved in the student government and hold leadership positions in many of the social and service organizations on campus.

SBI understands that upon entering the work force it is imperative that we the students both love what we do and the company that we are employed by. Therefore, the program encourages its students to take advantage of internship opportunities.

Only through hands on experience will we truly know how a company operates.

Salaries come natural in the workforce and obtaining a well-paid position should not be viewed as giving into oppression but as a good start to building a basis to achieve what the heart desires.

Contrary to popular belief, we students are not completely blind and brainwashed.

However, we are competent, capable professionals who make strides daily to increase the socioeconomic status of our people and preserve the culture that we proudly represent.

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