Students offer gift of service

The Alternative Break Corp is a student organization at Florida State University that plans functions and events to better the community.

Students in this organization meet weekly during the fall term to discuss problems that are occurring in local as well as nationwide communities.

“The Alternative Break Corp is a program that has taught me to appreciate life much more than I ever did,” said Chemika Reed, 21, president of the Alternative Break Corp.

“There are so many people out there who really don’t have much,” .

“I want all interested students to know that this is not just a program for FSU students, anyone is welcome to volunteer and have a good time in learning how to better the community.”

Students are anxious to join the Habitat for Humanities in Tampa, an organization that builds homes for those who cannot afford one.

The Alternative Break Corp will begin building their first home the weekend before Thanksgiving.

“This will be my first experience in building a home, I am so excited that I can be part of something so meaningful, said Tabitha Mosley, co-chairman of the Alternative Break program.

There are about 100 students who join and get involved with the program

These students give up their weekends and weekdays to travel and do things for the less fortunate.

Students in this program look forward to their summer trip to Panama City, Panama where they will be building a multipurpose clinic in the cities main village.

“It brings me so much pleasure to see that students in Tallahassee are active in this program,” said Alicia Trexler, advisor of the Alternative Break Corp.

“We are really thankful to have the Center for Civic Education for Service as our sponsor. They provide us with transportation and any support that is needed when we plan our trips out of town.”

The Alternative Break Corp is a program that acknowledges situations that no one may want to talk about, yet the problems are real.

This program is willing to respond to anyone who needs assistance.

“One of our social events will be to help ex-convicts find ways to increase their income,” said Reed.

“If there are any students out there who are ready to have fun, travel and more importantly lend a helping hand, please don’t hesitate to join at FSU’s Center for Civic Education for Service.”