Student selected to serve

Sheree Brown, 25, a mathematical science student, has been selected to participate in the Navy Nuclear Program. She will receive a $12, 000 signing bonus and attend the Navy Nuclear Power School in Charleston, S.C.

“There are 170 students selected each year and she (Brown) is the third African-American female accepted in its existence,” said Captain Tom Daniels.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in mathematical science, Brown will be assigned to a surface war ship for 18 months to qualify as a surface warfare officer. She will then attend the Nuclear Power School for a year, where she will participate in a master’s level program. Afterwards, she will be assigned to an aircraft carrier for 18-24 months.

“The navy has been good to me,” said Brown, who joined the navy in 1996 as a hospital corpman at the National Naval Medical Center in Washington.

After four years as a corpman, she was selected for the officer program and chose to attend FAMU because of its small campus and predominately black population.

Upon completion the program, Brown will hold the rank of ensign (equivalent to 2nd lieutenant). She currently holds the rank of battalion officer, the highest rank for a student.